St Philip's Catholic Primary School

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Our Staff

Headteacher: Mrs Joanna Sanchez

Acting Headteacher: Mrs Sarah McCurdy

Acting Assistant Headteachers: Mr Michael McCurdy and Miss Ellie Shaddick

Inclusion Manager: Mrs Angela Squizzoni

Reception Class teacher: Miss Becky Campbell

Year 1 Class teacher: Miss Ellie Shaddick (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Year 2 Class teachers: Mrs Ruth Burman & Mrs Natalie Brown

Year 3 Class teacher: Mrs Grace Britton

Year 4 Class teacher: Mr Josh Davis

Year 5 Class teacher: Miss Mia Hailstone

Year 6 Class teacher: Mr Michael McCurdy (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Sports Coach: Mr Lewis Heffer

Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs Fiona Laughlan

Breakfast Club Assistant: Miss April Pescott


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Naomi Hayward

Mrs Laura Duarte (on maternity leave)

Mrs Lorraine Crees

Mrs Poppy Smith (HLTA)

Mrs Jeanette Neill

Mrs Nicola Gregory (HLTA)

Miss April Pescott (HLTA)

     Mrs Andrea Everest

Mrs Lucy Marchant (HLTA)

Mrs Mel Byrne


KS2 Intervention Teacher: Mrs Anna Thompson
KS1 Intervention Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jeanette Neill

Office Staff

Secretary: Mrs Pauline Carless

Business Manager: Mrs Siobhan Foden

Finance Assistants: Mrs Siobhan Foden and Mrs Fiona Wills

Lunchtime Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lorraine Crees

Mrs Jeanette Neill

 Mrs Naomi Hayward 

Miss April Pescott

Mrs Lucy Marchant

 Mrs Laura Duarte

Mrs Andrea Everest

Mrs Mel Byrne


Mid-Day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Janet Schofield

Mrs Afia Begum

School Crossing Patrol: Mr Robert Ball

Site Management Staff:
Caretaker: Mr Jason Marsh
Cleaning Staff: Ms Shirley Fuller and Mr Stephen Layton


No member of staff earns over £100,000