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At St. Philip’s we follow the Come & See programme of Religious Education.


For more information about the R.E. topics covered please see the information sheets below:

RE Information Sheet Autumn Term 2020





World Faiths


As part of our World Faiths topic, we have learnt about Judaism. Mrs. Pamela Hartog from the Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue came into the school to teach Year 6 about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and to present an assembly to the whole school about the feast of the Passover. She explained the history of the feast, telling us the story from the Old Testament, or the Torah as Jewish people call it. She also laid out a Seder table, explaining what everything on it represented.

In Key Stage 2, children in Year 6 enjoyed learning all about the Jewish New Year and had a go at blowing the shofar; Year 5 looked at the Passover in more depth, drawing their own Seder table; Year 4 learnt all about the Bar Mitzvah and prepared cards inviting people to celebrate with them, whilst Year 3 found out about the synagogues where Jewish people pray.

In the Infants, Year 2 also looked at the Jewish synagogue and how Jewish people celebrate the Shabbat, whilst Year 1 studied the story of Moses and Abraham.