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Design and Technology at St Philips

Design and Technology:

Design and Technology is a practical subject. ‘Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and other’s needs, wants and values.’ (The National Curriculum 2013)

The aims of the design and technology curriculum are to enable the children to develop creative, technical and practical skills to design and make products. The children are taught to evaluate their own work and that of others to adapt and develop their ideas. Nutrition is included in the design and technology syllabus and the children learn to understand the principles of good nutrition and to how to cook.

In Reception and Key Stage 1 the children are taught the basic principles of healthy eating and how to prepare some dishes. In Key Stage 1 the children also learn where food comes from. In Key Stage 2 the children learn about the importance of a varied diet and how to prepare and cook food using a range of techniques. The children are taught where and how ingredients are grown and processed.

This year each class made a display showing artwork based on a particular artist. A whole school art project was also undertaken which shows the Liturgical year. The art and design and design and technology taught in each class are generally cross curricular and topic based, examples of the children’s work and planned projects are given in the table below.


Indian art work (clay diyas, lantern making) linked to our Diwali topic. Individual child led work (pet sculptures)

Year 1

Food (Medieval banquet), Textiles (Christmas stockings), Space topic: design a rocket, Easter: food/bread, In the wild topic: mouldable materials/animals.

Year 2

Mechanisms (designing a moving Father Christmas and a new outfit for him.)

Year 3

Rainforests (shoe box scenes, perspective and materials.) Romans (shields, design) Vikings (design and construction of Viking longboats)

Year 4

Stone Age (Materials, aging techniques.)

Year 5

Anderson shelters (design and building.) 

Year 6

Designing and construction of waterproof and free standing shelters, considering strength of design, materials and techniques.