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Newsletter 14th June 2019


Dear St Philip’s Families,
The children have been busy working hard and there is a very purposeful atmosphere in the school.
Catholic Life
It was a joy to attend the First Holy Communion of many of our children last week. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the children were so happy. I always regard it as a privilege to share in this most special occasion. Congratulations to Mia, Dominic, Lee, Immanuel, Isabel, Peter, George, Dominik, Oliver H, Emerson, Tabatha, Oliver N, Justin, Denise, David C, Ollie H, Kevin and David T. Please remember to pray for our children as they continue their faith journey.
I am very pleased to tell you that St Philip’s have achieved the Fairacheiver Award. This is the final stage of the Fairtrade awards and recognises all the hard work our staff and children have done around Fairtrade. We have held Fairtrade Tuck shops and bake sales, invited in a Fairtrade speaker and learnt about Fairtrade in a range of lessons and for homework. Do look out for our new logo on letters and look out for the Fairtrade logo when you go shopping too.

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