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St Philip's Catholic Primary School
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Newsletter 12 February 2021


Dear St Philip’s Families,


We are glad to be at half term and another week closer to school fully reopening. We know no more than you on when or what this will look like and we are hoping for some news on 22nd February. As soon as plans are announced we will let you know.


Catholic Life

Wednesday 17th February is Ash Wednesday. As we endure another lockdown, it can feel as if we have been in perpetual Lent. I am reminded of my parish priest, Father John’s, wise words – that perhaps it is better to try to do something constructive during Lent rather than give something up. He always said that often people become tetchy and miserable when they deny themselves something, this then becomes suffering for those around them! Maybe this Lent we could try to smile more, to help others more or to do a random act of kindness each day. This would maybe help to bring a little joy to the world during this difficult period.

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