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Newsletter 10th June 2022


Dear St Philip’s Families,


I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the extra Bank Holiday in the sunshine.


Catholic Life

Thursday 26th May was St Philip’s Day. The children enjoyed learning about our Patron Saint, St Philip Neri. He was born in Florence on July 21, 1515. From a very young age, Philip was known for being cheerful. He easily caught others' attention with his warm personality and incredible sense of humour. The children enjoyed learning about St Philip in PC groups and enjoyed telling jokes on St Philip’s day too!


The 26th May also marked the feast of the Ascension. This is celebrated on the Thursday on the 40th day of Easter (or 39 days after Easter Sunday). The ascension literally means that Jesus ascended, or was taken up, to Heaven. This is significant as it shows that he has returned to Heaven after completing his mission on Earth.


Pentecost Sunday was 5th June this year. This week in assembly we explore the idea of the disciples as Superheroes-spreading the word of God and performing miracles. The children explored how they too could be disciple superheroes!

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