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Enterprise Day


The school held our annual Enterprise Day on Monday 27th January. Each class received a £50 budget to choose, make and sell a product. All profits will be donated to each class’s chosen charity.

It  was a  great  chance  for  the  children  to  learn  some  basic  lessons  about  running  a  business. They  needed  to advertise  and  price  their  products,  as  well as  make and  sell  them.  It  always  gets  very  competitive  as  everyone  wants  to  make the most  money  for  their  chosen  charity.  This  year  children  made a range  of products  from  Pompoms and trinkets  to  Ice Cream and cakes.

Head Teacher Joanna Sanchez said, “This was  a great opportunity for children to develop some entrepreneurial skills, whilst also helping some charities.”

Images by Ron Hill.

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